Did You Know?
People frequently outgrow allergies to milk, soybeans, and eggs when they leave childhood, but peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish tend to be lifelong allergens. In fact, it is impossible to predict the severity of future anaphylactic reactions in any particular person. There is no set pattern, but the severity of an allergic reaction is thought to depend on


Dr. Robert Schneider, Inventor

Dr. Schneider is the inventor of the Medi-Card device and licenses the technology to Medi-Life Cards LLC.  He is a practicing Medical Doctor who is particularly familiar with the epinephrine self-injection market as he has severe allergies himself and regularly prescribes devices to his patients.  He has an MS in biophysics and physiology from Georgetown University and a Medical Doctorate from Albany Medical College.  He has done extensive research in areas such as renal toxicology, polymer chemistry, emergency and sports medicine.  Dr. Schneider has also been published in two peer reviewed medical journals.  He currently operates two medical facilities (Family Health Center and Hunter Mountain Sports Medicine).

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