Did You Know?
The best treatment for a food allergy reaction is Epinephrine, also called "adrenaline," the medication of choice for controlling a severe reaction. It is available by prescription as a self-injectable device.


The Medi-Card is a patented epinephrine injector that costs less to manufacture and buy; is smaller; more comfortable to use; and less intimidating than the current products.

The Medi-Card is the size of a credit card and about a quarter inch thick, fitting easily into pockets and wallets. The hard durable plastic shell keeps Medi-Card from being damaged.

Inside the Medi-Card there is a small needle and an epinephrine filled syringe.  Epinephrine is delivered quickly and easily by removing the cap and pressing the applicator against the thigh (see Product Description).  A description of the application process is given in the following section.

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