Did You Know?
That the common causes of anaphylaxis include:

  • Food
  • Medication
  • Insect stings
  • Latex

    The industry has largely ignored consumers’ need for a device that is easy to carry; less intimidating; and comfortable to use focusing instead on military applications or markets where size and comfort are not as important to the consumer.  The following is a description of these needs:
    1. Consumer need for a device that is easy to carry: Research shows that fatalities attributable to anaphylactic reactions occur most often away from the home.

    2. Consumer need for a less intimidating device: Other research indicates that many people, particularly young boys, do not carry the cylindrical epinephrine injectors that are currently available due to the size of the device. Also, many fear the jabbing motion required to activate the currently available injectors.

    3. Consumer need for a device that is comfortable to use: The industry has overlooked the need for an injector which is both easy to carry and more comfortable to use. Currently available devices were designed with a focus on military applications and markets, where size and comfort were not as important to the consumer.
    As the business plan will detail, the Medi-Card addresses all three needs mentioned above with a non-intimidating drug delivery injector that can fit into a wallet. Furthermore, the Medi-Card will be going through the shortest of all FDA applications, the 510K, which will take 45-120 days to get clearance.

    In addition to the above, the market is strong, healthy and growing. The self-injection device market is estimated to be at $4 billion, while the target market is estimated to be at $215 million with a 20-25% growth rate. The powerful need for an easy-to-carry and comfortable to use injector coupled with a strong and healthy market for such a device has led to a unique opportunity, one that Medi-Life aims to capture. The Company is seeking an investment of $2,700,000 to capture this opportunity and offers the investor a 9 to 1 “cash on cash” return with an internal rate of return of 55%.
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