Did You Know?
If you suffer from anaphylaxis, you can help prevent a reaction from occurring by avoiding the allergenic substance. However, avoidance is not enough. You cannot predict the movement of a flying insect, or always know the ingredients of your food. Surprises happen and sometimes you cannot avoid the harmful allergen. In this case you need to be prepared to treat the condition with epinephrine as soon as it arises.

Executive Summary
The following presents the business plan for Medi-Life Cards LLC (Medi-Life) and the commercialization of their patented Type II drug delivery device, a self-injector called the Medi-Card that can be used by individuals or caregivers to deliver epinephrine during a life-threatening allergy attack.  Medi-Life is seeking an investment of $2.7 million for engineering; registration (510K FDA clearance), manufacturing ramp up and new business development. 

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